Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woodstock Music Festival

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While browsing tv channels this afternoon, I stumbled upon Woodstock airing on VH1. I've never seen the movie, but it is on my to watch someday movie list. It's a 4 hour movie, so it's pretty long. I was only able to watch the first 20 minutes, but it's definitely a movie that makes me nostalgic for my youth: tie dye, hanging out with interesting people, the relaxed scent of patchouli & marijuana wafting through the air. A simpler time, back before I had a mortgage, kids and stress. If I'd been around for Woodstock, I would have gone. It was a huge part of American music history.
Woodstock was a pretty primitive festival compared to the festivals nowadays. Today there are tons of vendors with event supplies and concession machines. You can buy all sorts of bad for you food, souvenirs, get tattoos, etc. All of that kind of detracts from the music itself.
Back in 1999, there was an attempt at remaking Woodstock in Rome, NY which is about an hour west of where I live. Up until a little over a year ago, I worked in Rome. When the Rome Woodstock was going on, I was on my way home from a work trip and passed by all the vehicles heading to the festival on the NYS Thruway. It just wasn't the same though. Times have changed and people are different now. A big fight broke out at the end of the Rome Woodstock, and there was even a fire. I think there is a Woodstock reunion every year at the site of the original Woodstock. That would be an event I would like to go to. I'm sure the crowd and atmosphere there would be more reminiscent of the original Woodstock. The original Woodstock didn't have vendors, angry people, fighting, or fires. It just had music, peace and love, and that was all it needed.

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