Thursday, April 4, 2013

Danielle von Zerneck Lou Swenson General Hospital

A few days ago, I had Katie Couric's show on while I was resting trying to get rid of a headache. It was a show about adoption. I wasn't really paying too much attention until I heard one of the guests say that her long lost sister used to be on General Hospital. The guests name was Kathy Hatfield. She had been given up for adoption in 1964. She ended up discovering she was adopted and found her birth parents after searching online for information. It turns out her birth mother's name was Julie Mannix von Zerneck. She was also married to Kathy's birth father Frank. Kathy also learned she had a brother and a sister, Frank and Danielle. It turns out Kathy's long lost sister Danielle von Zerneck used to play Lou on General Hospital!!! Yeah, remember Lou Swenson, she played Blackie's (played by John Stamos) love interest. She was killed and Blackie was sent to jail for her murder. Really weird, but a very interesting and amazing story.
Kathy and her mother Julie co-wrote a book about their story. It's called Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found and is available at It sounds like a good read and has good reviews.
Danielle is now in the film industry and has produced a wide range of films and series. She's also on Twitter at: Kathy and her mother can also be followed on Twitter at:

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