Friday, August 7, 2009

Susan Lucci Discusses Move To Los Angeles

I just caught Susan Lucci's interview on Live with Regis and Kelly discussing All My Children's move to Los Angeles. The cast only found out the night before last and everyone is just in shock. Susan just loves New York and honestly doesn't know what she is going to do. It is a lot to think about. Susan starts vacation tomorrow, so she will have some downtime to think about her decision. In January, Susan will celebrate 40 years with All My Children.
Well, it's a very tough decision to make and I just don't think this relocation is a good thing. Sure it's a bigger set, great for production, but personally for everyone involved, this decision is shocking and sometimes your personal life has to come first. Not too many people can just pick up their lives and relocate across the country. I do expect some of the actors to commute across country. Many on other shows do this, but how long can a person handle doing that? Especially with all of the paycuts actors are being asked to take.

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