Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rebecca Herbst, Ingo Rademacher General Hospital

So Rebecca Herbst will be staying on General Hospital thanks to the massive uproar by fans over her firing. It's about time the fans were listened to, especially with the soap world being on such shaky ground these days. After all, we are the ones who determine the ratings. Becky is one of the top Favorite GH Actresses in Soap Opera Digest's polls. I'm really glad TPTB listened to the fans and are keeping her on. Finally a good job! GH released this statement:

"Rebecca Herbst will continue on General Hospital as ELizabeth Webber. THe show is thrilled she will remain on the canvas to portray the beloved character in many more poignant and emotional stories. Fans will be pleased to see Rebecca continue the role she created."

On the other hand, Ingo Rademacher seems to be on his way out the door. There is no official confirmation from GH that Ingo has been dropped to recurring, but he tweeted the following on February 22:

"Dont expect to c me much on GH. once a week seems to the norm for me if that. I must have peed in the pool and was fresh out of chlorine :-)"
"I'll be on the air for the next week or 2 a bit. But after that a lot less. Sorry guys. I don't know what to tell u. Its Not my call."

BTW, you can follow Ingo on twitter at:

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jludtxs said...

not a big fan of the elizabeth character. The storylines always have her as a whiny damsel always in distress that she causes. But what about ingo. since his return many years ago, he looks very different, like as in a very ill way. he has lost all of his muscle mass and has that steroid treatment puffy face. Anyone know whats up?