Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rebecca Herbst Fired General Hospital

Some unexpected news yesterday: Rebecca Herbst, who plays Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital, was fired. I don't know how TIIC can possibly fire Becky. She's a member of a core family, been on forever, since August 2007. Oh wait. TIIC killed Alan and Emily Quartermaine, core family members who were on forever. I guess no one is safe from the ax at General Hospital.
Soaps are on shaky ground these days. TIIC really shouldn't be getting rid of fan faves. Buzz on the web is that fans are not happy about this.
No word on how Elizabeth will be written out other than it will be in a 'not-to-miss' story. It better be a REALLY GREAT story. Let's just hope Elizabeth is not killed off. Becky will last air sometime in March according to SoapCentral.
Granted Elizabeth hasn't had much to do lately, but firing Becky is a little extreme. Especially now that Jonathan Jackson is back as Lucky Spencer, Elizabeth's first love. There's also the big secret that Elizabeth's littlest one was fathered by Lucky, not Nicholas. Liz/Becky have large fan bases and has been part of popular pairings with Lucky, Jason and Nicholas. Lots of potential for the character of Elizabeth. Apparently TIIC disagree. They must have writers block.
The firing took Becky and her costars by surprise, along with fans.
Steve Burton tweeted: "Hello everyone, most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she's a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition. Much luv to Michael and Becky."
Lisa LoCicero tweeted: "Really shocked...will miss her gorgeous smile! Becky will be snapped up by another show in no time. No doubt about it."
Kelly Monaco tweeted: "So sad and devastated by the loss of Becky, an amazingly talented woman, from the GH cast. It makes me worry about the future of Daytime."
Becky is married to former General Hospital actor Michael Saucedo, who played Juan. They have 3 children: Ethan, Ella and Emerson.

An added blow to Becky's firing is the news that Erin Chambers, who plays newbie Siobhan on General Hospital, has signed a contract. Siobhan is part of the Balkan storyline and is in a romance with Lucky. How about keep Elizabeth and do a Lucky/Siobhan/Elizabeth triangle? That would be too easy and fan pleasing I guess.

UPDATE: TPTB have listened to the fans, and Becky has been reinstated!

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