Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Thanks to Olga Quinn

When I was growing up I never dreamed I would live in a town as small as the one I live in now, Thrall, Texas. I grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I went away to college, fell in love, and married the love of my life who happened to come from Thrall. Well this city girl quickly got used to small town living. I miss a lot of conveniences that we had in the city, but I wouldn’t give up the friends I have made here for anything. It seems like everyone that lives around us is part of one big family. That is not really the case, but it sure feels that way. We all try to look out for each other and help each other whenever we need it. We had some neighbors over for a cookout the other night. We were all cleaning up and somehow we started talking about Gexa electric rates Thrall. You never know what we will end up talking about. It turns out that everyone gets their electricity from them. I guess small town people stick together for everything.


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