Thursday, February 16, 2012

Allyson Rice Homemade Healing Jewelry

In the Where Are They Now? section of Soap Opera Digest's February 14, 2012, Allyson Rice was featured. She played Connor on As The World Turns from 1990 - 1997. I was unfamiliar with her since I've never watched ATWT. The part of the article I found interesting was that she makes her own healing jewelry. Her website is at I checked it out and she has some really cool jewelry. She has several knotted, leather necklaces/bracelets that I really like.
According to her website, Allyson is an energy healer. She "works with each piece of jewelry in ceremony and prayer to instill a particular healing intent for the wearer of the jewelry, corresponding to the healing properties of the gemstones and the unique name and description given to the piece."
If you believe in chakra's and energy healing, her website is worth checking out.
I live in upstate New York where Herkimer diamonds are found. They are found all over the valley and people come from all over to mine them. Herkimer diamonds are quartz, but look like a diamond. They are very pretty. They are thought to bring your life into alignment and balance. They are good for releasing stress and nervous tension. They are also thought to help with opening up lines of communication. They are the most effective crystals at releasing energy blockages. Herkimer diamonds are also associated with helping you remember dreams and stimulating the bodies detoxification system. My Valentine's Day gift was the necklace above from a shop in Little Falls called Fall Hill Bead and Gem. I don't know what the green stone is, but the stone underneath is a Herkimer diamond.

Allyson also sells coloring books geared towards women. Apparently, coloring is a great stress reducer.
Allyson also runs a workshop called The Total Human: It is a holistic, mind-body-spirit program focusing on yuur inner self and creativity, personal wisdom, yoga, meditation, etc.

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