Monday, January 9, 2012

One Life to Live Cross Over General Hospital

"I can't believe this is goodbye" says Viki in a promo for the finale of One Life to Live. I can't believe it either.
The end of All My Children was sad, but it didn't impact me quite as much as the end of OLTL, since I was a relatively new viewer of AMC. I've watched OLTL ever since I can remember, 30+ years. The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest has a large tribute to One Life to Live. I'm probably not going to list it on my magazine back issues website though. I'm going to keep it for my private collection.
It is really too bad that Prospect Park's deal had to fall through. An internet video production of All My Children and One Life to Live would have been great for the tech savvy fans. Unfortunately, a lot of fans aren't tech savvy, which is why ABC is making a really huge mistake by cancelling our soaps. Did you see what is replacing One Life to Live? A "helpful" show called The Revolution. Not a show that I care to watch. I will definitely be switching over to whatever soap is on CBS at 2pm.
Unfortunately, I just took a quick look and there is no other soap on at 2pm in my uspstate New York Viewing area. My choices are Dr. Phil on NBC, The Talk on CBS and One Tree Hill on SoapNet. Guess I won't be watching any television at 2pm.
Maybe I will have to look into web video productions of soaps, such as the ones produced by Crystal Chappell or Martha Byrne. A lot of former soap stars appear on those. I don't understand why a couple of soap actresses can figure out how to run a business video production of a soap opera, but Prospect Park can't.
I had an idea the other day that maybe General Hospital should have cross-overs with All My Children and One Life to Live actors. Soaps, such as The Young and the Restless have brought on actors from other shows as new characters, like Maura West. The new characters just aren't cutting it. I want to see my favorite characters played by my favorite actors, not NEW characters played by my favorite actors. How about having one of General Hospital's stories consist of a six week story arc involving cross over characters? Let's bring Viki and/or Erika Kane to Port Charles for a few weeks to spar with Luke. A six week stint with either one would be really cool. How about bringing Adam from All My Children over to spar with Victor on The Young and the Restless for a few weeks? Just doing one cross-over story per show wouldn't detract from the main storylines. It might not be real stable for the actors who would be crossing over for just a few weeks, but it would be a little extra money and a way to keep our beloved characters alive. We have all of these very popular, talented soap stars unwillingly out of work. Let's be creative, pool them together with the soaps we do have left, give these actors some work, save our favorite characters, and please fans all at the same time. Now, if only the higher-ups at the soaps would agree.

UPDATE 1/11/12: Great news! Frank Valentini & Ron Carlivati already had the idea I posted about above. John McBain & Todd, Blair & Starr Manning will be crossing over to General Hospital as their One Life to Live characters!

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