Monday, December 26, 2011

Play Online Bingo Games

I am really glad Christmas is over. Hopefully now I can concentrate on work and relaxing a bit. I bought just about all of my Christmas gifts online. I have a four year old, so it's much easier to buy online than take him to a store, where he wants everything and throws a fit when he doesn't get it.
The boys got a ton of toys for Christmas. The big hit was Star Wars legos. They each received four packages. They mainly like the lego minifigures. My four year old doesn't put the lego sets together yet, but my oldest son does. Some of those sets are very complicated and require a lot of patience.
My youngest son also received a Chutes and Ladders game. It is a great learning game for young kids as they don't have to know how to read yet. It helps with learning to count and taking turns.
Board games are fun and can be educational. When I was a kid, I liked bingo, clue, chess, chinese checkers and yahtzee.
Gaming and the internet is a really big industry. These days you can play just about any game online. You can even play online bingo games, such as 75 ball bingo. You can play games on cell phones and through social networking sites, such as Facebook. You can also connect your xbox or wii to the internet and play against people you don't even know right in your own living room. That's pretty cool!
I recently read an article in the newspaper about a local guy who started playing Scrabble as a kid and is now a professional Scrabble player. He travels all over the world to Scrabble tournaments to play against other people. Being a professional Scrabble player sounds like a fun job!

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