Monday, November 14, 2011

Whipping up some pumpkin pop tarts for my kids

Guest post written by Martha Garrison

I'm the mother to two extremely picky children when it comes to food. It's kind of a little heart breaking because I'm a big foodie and always love to try one thing or another. My husband and I have always loved trying new restaurants and dishes at home. Those days aren't completely gone now but they're really few and far between.

However, I've found that sometimes I can sneak in some cool flavors into foods that will appeal to kids and get them to try things that way. Most recently I used our wireless internet Alexandria to look up things that have pumpkin in them because they hate the pie.

One recipe that I thought would be really neat for them to have on Thanksgiving while the rest of us are eating pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie pop tarts. I thought that the idea was so cute and they actually like to eat pop tarts for breakfast, so I think they actually may like these! But if they donÕt, I can always just let them have cookies and IÕll eat the homemade pop tarts.

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