Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jonathan Jackson Leaving General Hospital 2011

I just read in the Novemeber 29, 2011 issue of Soap Opera Digest that Jonathan Jackson is leaving General Hospital. He quit! Not good, surprising news. Too bad, especially with Luke back and I'm hoping the mystery lady at Windemere turns out to be Laura. Apparently he has already taped his last scenes. He decided to leave GH to focus on his music career. He is a member of a band called Enation. They have released a new album called My Ancient Rebellion. Speculation has it that the heavy, emotional workload also took its toll on Jonathan.
Jonathan has spent a lot of time playing Lucky in scenes at the hospital. Lots of crying with the deaths of Jake and Sioban. Now Elizabeth and Aydin are in the hospital. Hospitals aren't the most uplifting places. There's sickness all around. Doctors in their sterile, nurses in their nursing uniform scrubs and white everywhere is depressing. A quote from Jonathan hints at the emotional toll the work takes:
"When you spend a day or six weeks or a year and a half doing some of these storylines at work, you have to open yourself up emotionally, and there are times when it becomes really exhausting and vulnerable, so to come home and be with your family, you just feel very grateful to connect with them, and that is so fulfilling."
Hopefully Jonathan gets some time to regroup and relax now.
No word yet if Lucky will be recast. Maybe they should bring back Greg Vaughan?

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