Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Days of Our Lives Relaunch Airsoft Stores General Hospital

The only good thing to come out of the cancellation of All My Children, is that I can now watch Days of Our Lives on SoapNet. It airs at 8pm in All My Children's former time slot. That's how I became an All My Children fan to begin with. 8 - 9pm is my free time. The boys are in bed and I'm picking up the day's mess. I turn on SoapNet to catch what's on, since the boys rule the tv during the day. I grew up with Days of Our Lives, but have hardly watched it in the 8 years I've lived here. See, I get DirectTV, but no local NBC channel due to the switch to all digital channels. I live in a valley between 2 large hills, so no service. I tried signing up to get NBC through DirectTV's distant network service, but the local NBC affiliate station would not approve it.
I was able to watch the Days of Our Lives relaunch that started a few days ago thanks to SoapNet. It's been really nice to watch a soap opera episode that's filled with joy, romance, relationships and comedy, and not violence. So nice to see Jack Devereaux, John & Marlena, and Carrie & Austin, played by Patrick Muldoon back. It's funny to watch Jack lurking in the shadows, instead of a mystery gunman, watching Jennifer and Daniel. It was great to see Julie & Doug. This was the first time, ever, that they have sung together on the show. Horton Square is really impressive too. Love how the memory of Tom & Alice is being kept alive.
General Hospital, on the other hand, still has a ways to go before it is filled with joy, romance, relationships and comedy, and not violence. Granted, Sam & Jason's reception was nice. The fortune cookies were pretty funny, especially Alexis's fortune cookie reading "love is behind you" and her turning around to Mac standing behind her. "I'm not ready" she sputtered and ran away, leaving Mac dumbfounded. lol. On the downside, Franco was lurking around with his deadly plan and Dante was shot, again, for the millionth time. Instead of a nice romance story with Dante & Lulu celebrating their engagement, we get Lulu thinking he stood her up and Dante lying in a pool of blood. Dante, Johnny and Anthony were all running around with guns in Sonny's warehouse. Wonder if there are Airsoft Stores in Port Charles? If there were, I'm sure the Airsoft Stores would be pretty busy with the mob and all the thugs in town.
NuKate & Sonny are busy making eyes at each other. I'm not liking NuKate though. I don't know what was wrong with Megan Ward's Kate. They should have brought her back instead.
I wonder, though, what's up with all the mentioning of Laura lately? Lucky & Ethan were talking about her while Lucky was having a stare down with pills. Then there was the mystery figure with a painting of Laura. The last I knew, Genie Francis was still on The Young and the Restless with Robert Scorpio. I wish Genie would come back to General Hospital, but she wants to play a strong woman now, not a doormat. Making Laura come back as a strong woman would definitely make sense. It would be great if she came back and put everyone back in line. Her family seems to be falling apart again and could probably use her back as a strong woman that they could turn to. She could even stop at one of those Airsoft Stores, start packing a gun and go kick Helena's butt. lol. Now, that would be funny.

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