Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cell Phones Samsung Smartphones

One day while watching General Hospital, I realized it seems like everyone on soap operas uses cell phones. Jason is always on his cell phone. Characters do a lot of text messaging too. Watching old episodes, you can really see how technology has changed. Back in the early days, there were no cell phones. Characters used those big rotary dial phones. Then they moved on to cordless phones. Then there were huge clunky cell phones that were carried around in a bag. Then there were big, clunky cell phones that didn't need to be carried in a bag. Now there are small cell phones, you can just stick in your pocket that do just about anything you want: camera, video camera, internet, texting, gps, music, tons of various applications, etc. Makes you wonder what cell phones will be like in 25 years.
I got my first cell phone when I was 18. It was a big clunky Motorola flip phone. It was way before Verizon took over. I think it was something like Frontier Cellular. Then there were a couple more takeovers of that company and finally it became Verizon.
I remember the guy I used to babysit for had the big clunky in a bag phone. My next two cell phones were similar to the first, but were progressively smaller Motorola flip phones. They lasted me for years and always had great service. They were all analog phones. When Verizon's service went digital, I switched over to LG flip phones that were pretty small. I had never paid attention to the latest in cell phones and never really felt the need to constantly upgrade. When I finally did upgrade to the LG, I was shocked at how small it was. Service was never as good on those cell phones though as it was on my old Motorola flip phones. Two years ago, I got the Samsung Alias 2. It's a flip phone where the keyboard changes into qwerty, numerical and symbol keypads. It's pretty cool. It has mobile internet, so I can access my email, Facebook or Twitter and various mobile websites. I don't really use it much for the internet, but sometimes I use it as backup since it loads web pages faster than my computer's internet connection.
In a few months, I'm eligible for a cell phone upgrade. I think I'm going to give a non-flip phone, smartphone a try. Mainly just to have a fully functional backup internet source. I'm probably going with a cell phone that has an Android operating system. I'm not sure which model phone yet though. Some of these smartphones get really expensive, as in a couple hundred dollars. That's definitely out of my budget. Samsung has a few models which are way more reasonable as in free or less than 50 - 100 dollars. Samsung seems to produce pretty good cell phones. I really like my Samsung Alias 2 and cell phone ratings give various Samsung models high ratings. I'm probably going to have to go with a phone that has an actual keyboard though. I'm not so sure I'll like the all touch screen keyboard. I may go to Verizon and have them give me a demo before I make a final decision.

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