Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days of Our Lives Relaunch New Set

According to the August 23, 2011 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Days of Our Lives is relaunching September 26. Days has new writers and is trying to get back to how soap operas used to be by focusing on core families and values.
John and Marlena are coming back and so are Carrie, Austin and Jack Devereaux! Austin will even be played by the original Austin, Patrick Muldoon. I'm looking forward to seeing him. A few stars have been dropped to make room for their returns though. Vivian, Carly, and Chloe are a couple I've read have been cut.
Characters coming and going so frequently is all part of daytime shows these days. I don't mind as long as long running characters are not being replaced by newbies. Replacing long running characters with former long running characters isn't so bad. It kind of mixes things up and keeps a character from getting boring.
With Days's relaunch, they are even getting a new set. Apparently, it's like a theater set, which folds into different things. It takes up half a stage, is permanent and folds to different sets, which have interiors and can become a second set. The floor even reverses. It's an exterior set with 12 different sets, including the town square, Brady Pub and a sidewalk cafe. It currently has a day spa being added to it. It sounds pretty cool, and cost effective in the long run.
It's a standing set and has everything in it needed to tell a story. No other sets have to be taken down and a new one brought in.
It'll probably make it easier to tell weather related stories too. The set is designed, so the camera can move, and it just follows someone through. When in one part of the set, looking out, the same weather conditions are seen even if you are in a different part of the set. When they want to go from the Brady Pub to the day spa, the set doesn't need to be taken down and the weather scene recreated.
If Days ever did a flood disaster, like Search for Tomorrow did, shooting it would probably be much easier. Of course though, they might have to build a new set after a flood disaster.
Floods can do a lot of damage. If they were in Texas, maybe they could bring in professionals like The Steam Team to restore the set, like in real life: The Steam Team is a water damage restoration company austin. The set is green, and The Steam Team also offer a green service.
Anyways, the set sounds like a very innovative, but simple idea. Strange that it's never been used in soaps before. I wouldn't be surprised if other soaps pick up on the idea. I can't wait to see the new set and am really looking forward to the relaunch. Families and values are what soap operas are all about. It's about time they got back to their roots.

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