Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fast Forwarding

The Author of this post is Darius Boone

I think my favorite part about satellite is the fact that I get to fast forward through commercials. I’m not even kidding you that the only commercials I ever watch anymore happen when I go to the movie theatre and they play them before the movies. This really bugs me, by the way, and I’m not sure why they think they can play commercials at the movies! Don’t they make enough money off of us poor people who pay twelve bucks for the seat in the crowded theatre and then eight dollars for a small popcorn and drink? I actually got so irritated at the lack of previews and plethora of commercials the last time I went to the theater that I vowed to only buy movies off of ShowTime thorough my Satellite- from now on. You might think I’m kidding, but I really am tired of getting scammed everywhere I go, and bombarded with commercials to buy something else at every corner. You can seriously mark my words—no more theatres for me!

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