Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nursing Scrubs

In a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, there was a tribute to General Hospital stars who have passed away. The article and pictures brought back lots of memories. As a kid, I was sick A LOT, so I never did much other than read and watch television. General Hospital was and still is my favorite soap opera.
The article had a picture of Jesse Brewer, played by Emily McLaughlin. Remember her? Remember the nurses station and the nursing scrubs she wore. That little hat the nurses wore as part of their nurses uniform? Funny.
There was also a tribute to Amy Vining, played by Shell Kepler. I always liked her because we share the same first name. lol. She was always gossiping about something. Her and Bobbie, Audrey, Jesse.
Another tribute was to Steve Hardy, played by John Beradino. He would always dress up as Santa and read to the kids at Christmas time.
Those were the good old days of General Hospital. When the action was actually centered around the hospital, not the mobcentric storylines of today. Storylines back then were relevant to the show name and were centered on relationships and romance with a bit of action.
I used to subscribe to a magazine called Episodes that ABC put out that had all the scoop on the ABC soaps. ABC would advertise soap opera merchandise in it. I remember I bought a General Hospital scrubs top they had for sale. It was really cool. It was a greenish color with a v-neck and had the words General Hospital on it on the right side. I'm pretty sure I still have it someplace. I think I'll go look for it...

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