Friday, March 18, 2011

Bob Guza Out At General Hospital? Rumor

I only like posting facts, but there's some unconfirmed General Hospital news floating around. If true, it would be a biggie.
Apparently, rumor has it head writer Bob Guza is on his way out the door! According to Soap Opera Digest, ABC doesn't comment on rumors, but an insider says: "there's a good chance it's true."
What's that mean for GH? I guess it depends on who his replacement is. Lots of fans didn't like him. He brought Brenda back though & married off Sonny & Brenda, so gotta give him some credit for that.
The big story he has coming up for Liz though, I'm not a fan of and I'm not going to be able to watch. Don't want to give any details away, but if you had a kid a couple years ago & were pregnant when Liz was, you'll know why.

UPDATE: Soaps In Depth latest tweet says it is just a rumor.

UPDATE: Soap Opera Digest has just tweeted Guza out is not true:
"UPDATE: A GENERAL HOSPITAL spokesperson reports that Guza is not exiting the show."

UPDATE: 5/24/11: This rumor is now TRUE!! Yup, Guza's out the door. He's being replaced by Garin Wolf. Not sure if this is good news or not. Garin wrote for GH during the writers strike. What I want to see with GH: less mob/shooting stories. More character driven stories. Like back in the old days at the brownstone. Bring back some of the old vets like Bobbie, Monica, Laura - too late on that though, Felicia, Sean & Tiff, Audrey, etc. More gossipy hospital centered romance stories.

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