Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Rockin Eve

Contributed by Milford Woods

It would not be New Years without New Years Rockin Eve! This year of course we will be watching on satellite TV from but the years I remember were largely spent in front of my parents huge console TV, listening to my mom complain about “that awful noise those rockers made. Awful noise is translated as electric guitar, drums and lots of incredible vocals from people like Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night, KC and the Sunshine Band and other hot looking guys from my time.

In the seventies we had to switch back and forth between the totally cool program, with Dick Clark, and the boring one with that old guy at least thats how I thought of it at the time. Of course that old guy’s name was Guy Lombardo a band leader but it was a totally different kind of band, and he wasnt much of a lead singer. I was as repulsed by the big band sound as my mom was by rock and roll, so we had to share, and part of that was taking turns complaining about the horrible music.

As I scan down the list of rockers this year, I have to admit there are a lot of unfamiliar names. Are these people rockers? Personally, Id like to see a hard rock metal type line up, but theyd never do that. I havent really kept up with music in the past few years, but I assume Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails are still around, or what about that modern day Alice Cooper known as Marilyn Manson? Thats what Id like to see, but still its up to Ryan Seacrest. I guess Ill still watch and give these new people a chance. I hope I dont end up complaining like my mom used to.

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