Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Medical Uniforms

The other day I mentioned that my little 3 year old lets me watch General Hospital. Now he's suddenly refusing to let me watch it thanks to the LeapFrog dvd's he got for his birthday. All day long that's what he wants to watch. It's educational and it's helping his speech, but still. All I want is 1 hour for General Hospital.
Today I did manage to watch yesterday's show on the television upstairs.
Steven Webber was on and I was thinking about his scrubs, aka doctors medical uniforms. He had on the standard white long lab coat, then the medical scrub top, and it looked like that was it. The scrub shirt was a deep v-neck, so a lot of skin was showing. I don't mind at all. Scott Reeves is hot! lol. It just doesn't look very flattering. Maybe if he had a necklace on, it would look better. Definitely a t-shirt underneath would be more flattering.
We are getting hit with cold and snow, so my boys and I are doing lots of layering. Maybe that's what has me thinking about how he needs to layer that scrub shirt with something underneath to keep that hot chest from getting cold.

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