Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good old classic Christmas cookies

Guest post written by Patricia Laws

I remember that after opening up presents, of course, the most exciting part of Christmas when I was a little girl was when I baked Christmas cookies with my mom. As I got older I actually started helping her through the mixing and the baking part instead of just getting in the way and prolonging the process. I also got a whole lot better at decorating the cookies too, which was good because I would always give them to my teachers as gifts.

Well, I was feeling pretty nostalgic the other day and decided that I would make some cookies with my boyfriend. So I went online to try and find the same recipe that my mom would always use, which wasn't that hard because sugar cookies are a pretty basic recipe. As I was looking for that stuff online I came across the website and ended up ordering one of the packages for my home internet from it.

Well our classic Christmas cookies turned out pretty well. I was really excited about them and we decorated some of them too, well the ones that actually lasted long enough to cool down and for me to whip up some different colors of icing.

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