Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Terri Columbino Austin Peck

A little soap opera going on in real life with a couple of soap stars.
According to Soap Opera Digest, the 12/07/10 issue, Terri Columbino just divorced her husband of 8 years. They separated in 2009. Terri is dating her former costar Austin Peck.
I was surprised at that. I thought Austin was married. I did some googling and found out he has been divorced since 2009. Around the time he was let go from As The World Turns, speculation was he was let go because he was having an affair with a costar. Other cast members weren't happy because they really liked the costar's husband.
Not sure how I missed all that, but I guess the rumors were true.
BTW, Terri will soon be airing on One Life To Live.

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