Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite Romantic Suspense Novel

Guest post written by my buddy Orville Lynn

I am a self-proclaimed book fanatic. I enjoy most types of fiction but tend to avoid any of the super scary stuff. I do not like to have nightmares! My favorite tends to be romantic suspense novels. Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors. I love her book Drop Dead Gorgeous. The female lead character Blair Mallory is funny, brave, witty and a real girls girl.

This is actually the second book featuring the crazy antics of Blair Mallory. In this book, she is on a mission to have the best wedding possible which of course includes numerous shopping trips. Unfortunately, for Blair someone has their hat set on killing her. The attempts on her life are always very close with scenes that will make you rush through to find out if Blair gets through the latest attempt unscathed. Of course, her big, strong police lieutenant boyfriend Wyatt Bloodsworth is always there to rescue her. As the plot unfolds, Blair and Wyatts relationship is pushed to the limits when Blair discovers Wyatt has been married before.

Although I absolutely love reading, sometimes I like to kick back and watch the drama unfold in a movie on my satellite television from where I can actually see the action happening.

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