Saturday, November 13, 2010

Filling out my book collection

Guest post written by Harry Summers

Now that I finally have my own place and have moved out of my parents house, I'm busy working on decorating my first apartment and want it to look better than my room that I shared with two of my frat brothers in our frat house at college. That place was a dump, but it definitely lived up to the decorating standards of fraternity life outside of the formal entertaining areas.

I thought that something that I would really need is a library to put in my living room that includes more stuff than just all the books I read in high school English classes. So I talked to my older brother with my CLEAR Internet 4g phone to get some suggestions from him. He said that I should stock up on some Chuck Palhanuik books.

So I did some research on some Chuck Palahniuk books and found out that he wrote the book Fight Club. So IÕm ordering a few of his other books to read and keep in my library.

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