Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Great Children's Show: Little Einsteins

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

"Little Einsteins" is one of the greatest programs ever created for children. As a person with a love for music and passion for classical music in particular, I think that "Little Einsteins" is a great show that can encourage a deep appreciation of classical music in children. "Little Einsteins" is a show that teaches children the basics of music composition and exposes them to music created by some of the world's greatest artists, such as Bach and Beethoven.
When I once had to baby-sit for a young boy, I would always have him watch this show before bedtime. I found that it was a great show that calmed children a lot. The five year old boy loved this show and would immediately fall asleep anytime he watched it. This is the type of show that can be great for loud or excited children that simply need a bit of rest time or to be calmed down.
In addition to being a great tool for calming children down, this show is a great educational tool. When I babysat that little boy, it was fascinating to see his interest in music grow after watching the program. He even ended up taking piano lessons, simply because he loved hearing the piano music in this program so much! Overall, this program is a great show to watch on satellite tv from with your kids.

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