Friday, September 3, 2010

Vincent Irrizary All My Children, Jonathan Jackson General Hospital, Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo

Vincent Irrizary has been fired from All My Children! Yup that's the news coming out of the SudsReport. A big murder mystery has been advertised on AMC and turns out David is the one who gets offed. Too bad. Longtime vet and the shows main villain. Probably not the best move. Wish him well! I'm sure another soap will snag him up in no time. He will be appearing on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.
Other news: Jonathan Jackson is going to be playing a dual role. Anything having to do with more airtime for JJ is a plus in my book! He's going to be playing Ronan O’Reilly, who is an assassin for the Balkan mobster trying to kill Brenda.
BTW, I'm loving having Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo back. Not sure yet about the storyline, but CANNOT WAIT until her and Sonny reunite. Never a fan of Brenda and Jax or Brenda and Jason, but HUGE fan of Brenda and Sonny. It's like the tv is on fire when they are onscreen together. So HOT!!! The flashbacks and reminiscing are a nice bonus for longtime fans.
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