Friday, September 10, 2010

Brandon Buddy One Life to Live Leslie Charleson General Hospital

A couple of surprising tidbits in the comings and goings section of the September 14, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Digest.
First, Brandon Buddy, who plays Cole Thornhart on One Life to Live, is leaving the show later this year. Apparently a hacker posted on his Twitter page back in June that he was leaving. He said no, but now he really is leaving. Good young actor.
Second, Leslie Charleson, who plays Monica Quartermaine on General Hospital, has been put on recurring status. Leslie joined GH in 1977 and is the shows longest running contract player. Monica isn't on much anymore, so putting Leslie on recurring probably saves the show money. What they should do is give Monica a new man now that Alan is gone. It's too bad the vets get shoved to the backburner instead of being used. Vets are the ones viewers want to see, not newbies, and then TIIC wonder why soap opera ratings keep slipping.
Oh, and I am so mad. Last Friday, I saw General Hospital where Sonny & Brenda see each other. This week I've missed every show. Just caught a few minutes of todays show & see Sonny is back in Port Charles. Ugh. I missed the whole Sonny and Brenda reunion. Soooooo mad.

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