Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Michael Sutton Returns to General Hospital

Michael Sutton is returning to General Hospital as Stone Cates!!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Had a major crush on him back in the day. Apparently he's coming back for 2 days starting September 28 to give Robin spiritual guidance and the strength to live. AWESOME!!!!
Robin and Stone had a red hot romance back in the early 90s until he developed AIDS and passed away. Their relationship is how Robin became HIV positive. Stone was Robin's first love. It was a very ground breaking storyline. I can still picture Stone right before he died saying "Robin I can see you" and then he was gone. It was very sad.
Since leaving General Hospital Michael Sutton has made a big name for himself in Los Angeles as a club owner.
WOW! I can't believe Michael/Stone is returning to General Hospital. Can't wait!!!!

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