Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LocalTV-Satellite's Directv Deal

About 5 years ago I was on maternity leave and I got really tired of rabbit ears and static when trying to watch my soaps. We live in a rural area, so cable's not an option. Thank goodness for satellite dishes. I did some research and ended up going with Directv. Soaps crystal clear! It's so great! Amazing how you can see little wrinkles in some of the actors faces when the picture is so clear. I lived and breathed SOAPnet round the clock through all of my new babies feedings. Back then SOAPnet was my favorite channel. Unfortunately, every time I turn it on these days, all that's ever on is Beverly Hills 90210 or One Tree Hill. It's hard to find a true soap on. Apparently SOAPnet will be no more in 2012. It's being replaced by a Disney channel. Not good news, but they took a different direction after the demise of Soap Talk. If they would only get their act together and go back to true soap opera programming, maybe SOAPnet could save themselves.
Anyways, there is a company called LocalTV-Satellite who has a really great Directv deal going on. You get free HD for life and free Directv service for five months. All you have to do is sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket and a Choice Xtra or Premier package at localtv-satellite.com. I don't have the HD because it costs more per month, but I wish I did have it. It makes the picture even more clear. Free HD for life is a pretty good deal even if you don't really want NFL Sunday Ticket. It sounds like that signup would pay for itself with the free HD and free five months of service.
Directv has many different channels. You get news, sports, weather, soap operas, local channels when available, music, home improvement, movies and more. HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime are also available. I have Starz, which has a set of channels where each one has movies of a different category, ex: drama, comedy, romance, western etc. Every Saturday night is a new box office movie.
Directv reception is pretty good. We live in a valley between a couple of large hills and never have a problem with reception, unless it's raining very hard. When that happens, reception goes out, but once the hard rain passes after a few minutes, reception comes back.
Now with the big conversion to digital tv, it's even harder to get good channel reception. Local channels aren't even available to me now. All I get is a black screen. Luckily I can get ABC through Directv, so I can still watch General Hospital, One Life to Live and All My Children.
If the digital conversion ruined your channel reception, signing up with Directv through LocalTV-Satellite might be a great idea.

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