Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home Security

We built our house about eight years ago. About two weeks after we moved in, we were robbed. Nothing major was taken, just small stuff like a dvd player, cds, and playstation games. A few hundred dollars worth of stuff. Luckily they didn't grab our samsung 65 inch tv. I would have been very upset if that had been taken. We reported the robbery to the troopers, but of course the robbers were never caught.
After the incident, I immediately had a security system installed along with two outdoor tv enclosures, which are available at, for the security cameras. Outdoor security cameras are pretty cool. Now we can see who comes and goes when we are not home. We also have signs up all over the place that we have a security system installed. Fortunately, that was the only break in so far, just a few false alarms thanks to the cats. lol.
We also have a series of outdoor lights set up, which are solar powered lights that stick in the ground. We have a tiki torch placed near each entranceway too. The lighting helps when you are inside at night. You can look out and see the yard pretty well. The lighting is also great for when we come home at night. We don't want to miss any shadows lurking in the bushes.
Hopefully the security setup we have will deter any further burglaries.

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