Sunday, September 27, 2009 Review

I was reading the 10/5/09 issue of Us Weekly and came across an interesting article with Nick Lachey. Apparently he is co-owner of a reverse auction website called Users bid on high dollar items, such as ipods, computers, tvs, sports cars, vacations, etc. and the user with the lowest unique bid wins. The majority of items are selling for less than $2.00. Very cool! You sign up and automatically get $5.00 added to your account, so you can start bidding right away. Each time a bid is placed, a fee amount of $1 - $4 is deducted from your account balance. That kind of sucks, but I guess that's how the site makes money. After you place a bid, you can see right away whether your bid is the lowest unique bid for that item. If it is not the lowest unique bid, you are given a hint as to what the lowest unique bid amount is. You can also place a serial bid, which is a low and high bid. However, serial bids are charged an extra fee.
Each month, a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. For September, the charity is Feeding America. also has a referral program. You get $5.00 for every person you refer. is a very new site. It was just launched September 16, 2009. It's totally legit, so sign up, get your free $5.00 and start bidding at

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