Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All My Children Moves To Los Angeles

All My Children is moving it's production to Los Angeles beginning in January, and One Life To Live will be moving into the vacant AMC studio. Whoa! Who knows how that will affect cast and crew. Geez, that's a huge move. Imagine you've been at your job for 25,30,35+ years, built your life in one location for all those years and then all of a sudden you're told your job is moving across the country. That's totally crazy. Susan Lucci, Cameron Mathison, Thorsten Kaye who's wife, Susan Haskell, is now back at One Life To Live as Marty, Jacob Young, who just had a baby, Alicia Minshew, who is pregnant and who's husband is a New York restaurant owner, David Canary, Michael E. Knight, all the crew members. Well, good luck to everyone, but I think this move is going to turn into a disaster. I could be wrong, but LA is a whole different world from NYC.

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