Monday, January 26, 2009

First person who dies on General Hospital Crisis '09

******************SPOILER ALERT********************

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest arrived with a little bit of scoop on the General Hospital crisis. During an operation, a vial containing a biotoxin in the patients stomach is pierced, releasing the airborne toxin. Monica, Matt, Elizabeth and Andy the anesthesiologist from GH: Night Shift are knocked out. Andy turns out to be the first casualty. Fortunately not a major player. Andy was on Night Shift and he was the one who would gas himself to sleep, almost overdosed, ended up sleeping with Kelly.
Anyways, Michael's benefit is being held upstairs and the toxin drifts up through the vents and everyone at the benefit starts dropping.
No other word yet on who else is overcome by the biotoxin.
Apparently Liz is in bad shape and does take a turn for the worst. Lucky sneaks in and sits by her side. Monica has a remark that things must be bad if Jason is working with the FBI. lol

In other General Hospital news, Claire Coffee has been let go from her role of Nadine. Maybe a Nikolas, Emily I mean Rebecca union is in the works?

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