Friday, June 20, 2008

Daytime Emmy's, Antonio Sabato Jr. & Tristan Rogers join GH:Night Shift

Congrats to General Hospital and Tony Geary for winning Daytime Emmy's tonight!!!
I caught most of SoapNet's red carpet at the Emmy's, but somehow I missed Antonio Sabato Jr. discussing the new GH:Night Shift. Yup, it was revealed in the latest Soap Opera Digest that he is reprising his role as Jagger Cates on Night Shift. I'm totally psyched about that. I don't know what kind of storyline he's going to be involved in. Too bad Port Charles had to kill off Karen. They should bring back Brenda & get a triangle going with him and Sonny. I'm a huge Brenda & Sonny fan, but Brenda & Jagger were also a hot couple back in the day.
Just found this link: a little bit about Antonio's return, he brings a son named Stone after his brother, who was the love of Robin's life.

Tristan Rogers is also coming to Night Shift as Robert Scorpio. I'm looking forward to that. According to his interview at the Emmy's TIIC are pretending 2006 never happened meaning Robin & Robert have kept in touch over the years & he knows she's HIV positive. If that's true, I'm not too thrilled with it. I hate it when soaps rewrite history. I'm only for it if it is for a good reason, such as bringing Dixie back from the dead and pretending she didn't die eating poison pancakes. I would buy that storyline, no questions asked.

BTW, How hot did John Paul Lavoisier look at the Daytime Emmy's?!!
I also loved Farah Fath's dress.

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