Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General Hospital: Quartermaines

For anyone as disgusted with the demise of the Quartermaines as I am, you may want to check out the Save the Quartermaines website. It has been set up by Daytime There is a save the Quartermaine's contest, a petition to sign, addresses to send letters of support to, a memory lane, history and banners to download.
The Q's are the heart of General Hospital. Remember back in the day they were front and center. Now they are back burner in favor of all the mob stories. There are only 3 Q's left with no next generation on the canvas except for Jake, who may never know his heritage, Jason who has disowned the family, and Michael who's in a coma and doesn't associate with the family anyways. Killing A.J. and Emily were the dumbest moves ever. A.J.'s killing was a dumb storyline and sacrificing Emily in a serial killer storyline was pointless. Making Diego the serial killer was pointless. Killing Georgie was also pointless as she was also part of the next generation.
I must say, the shooting of Michael is producing some good acting though.
Jason telling Monica was emotional, surprised she didn't yell at him like when he told her Emily was killed though. Also glad to see Bobbie make an appearance.
Rumor has it Michael was put into a coma to pave the way to age Michael and have Jesse Soffer take over the role. Dylan Cash's contract is up soon. I'm not too excited about a recast Michael. Dylan has grown up on the show and has played Michael forever, but whatever. In case no one has noticed, Jesse Soffer does not have red hair.

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