Tuesday, April 1, 2008

As the World Turns: Julie Pinson, Martha Byrne

Julie Pinson has landed a new role. She will be playing the role of Janet Ciccone on As the World Turns. She will first air Thursday, May 8. Good for her, especially after Days let her go. Too bad though, she would have been a good match for the new Dr. Jonas.
Since losing it's top actress, Martha Byrne, ATWT, must be trying to retain viewers and gain new ones. There is an article in this week's, 4/8/08, Soap Opera Digest with the scoop from Martha on what went down with her contract negotiations. Martha wasn't going to go public until TIIC issued a statement first saying Martha rejected "an incredibly generous offer" to stay. A bit premature since Martha's contract wasn't up for a month. Apparently Martha usually gets a call in December to start negotiations, but this time she didn't get the call until February. All she wanted was to work the same number of days that she worked last year. Not an unreasonable request if you ask me. She had taken a very substantial pay cut the year before. Guess she should have just asked for more money.
Anyways, within 2 hours a breakdown to recast was sent out to all agents and managers. After that, Martha felt negotiations were getting "very personal" for the first time. Things got progressively worse after that. Things Martha couldn't talk about.
After that Martha felt she needed to stand up for herself in the press, to which I applaud her. She gave a lot of years of her life to that show and what did they do, they turned around and stabbed her in the back. A big slap in the face. Good for Martha for quitting and for being vocal about what happened. Martha said she would do another soap, so let's hope she gets a killer role, with a ton of money for a soap who appreciates her hard work and dedication. Good luck Martha!

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Ms. Monica said...

How could you people let this happen? Isn't it enough that you have the religous right's panties in a knot over Luke and Noah? You killed off Dusty. I've watched ATWT for over 25 years. Martha Byrne is family to millions. BRING OUR LILY BACK!!!!!!!!!