Saturday, January 12, 2008

All My Children

A lot has been going on at All My Children. First, there's the sudden firing of nuGreenlee Sabine Singh & replacement with role originator Rebecca Budig whom the ABC promos call the real Greenlee. Ptretty big slap in the face to Sabine. A newcommer to daytime who put her all into the role only to be rudely shoved out the door.
I'm a newcomer to AMC, so Sabine's Greenlee is the only version I've seen. Personally, I don't like Greenlee. I will find it interesting to watch Rebecca's version to see what is so beloved about Greenlee.
The other big AMC news is daytime's first, and probably only, black supercouple, Angie, Debbi Morgan & Jesse, Darnell Williams are returning. I never watched them, but do remember reading about them. If I was a longtime AMC fan, I know this is something I would be really excited about. Angie returns as an infectious disease specialist to treat Quentin and Greenlee. No word as to how Jesse returns. He was previously killed. Apparently it was a memorable scene where he died in Angie's arms, so we'll see. ABC consulted with now retired creator Agnes Nixon on how best to resurrect Jesse.
BTW, tomorrow at 2pm is a welcome back Angie & Jesse special on SoapNet.
About time AMC got good. Now if only Dixie was brought back from the dead.

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