Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nathaniel Marston job on the line!

Wow! Just read this article and am in shock.

It looks like One Life to Live may be looking for a new Michael McBain due to an assault on 3 people in which Nathaniel Marston threw a crate leading to one of the victims legs being broken and a brawl with NYC cops on Sunday October 7. Apparently he appeared to be under the influence of drugs, possibly cocaine.

According to insiders, Nathaniel Marston had been an emotional wreck and the week prior there was a big blowup on the set of One Life to Live.

ABC has issued this statement: ~ABC has made the following statement regarding Nathaniel Marston's future with OLTL: "We are reviewing the matter internally, and until completion of this review we have taken him off the schedule."

Carolyn Hinsey of Soap Opera Digest had the following to say: "He is definitely going to lose his job. They've given him chance after chance after chance."

There goes his career. Fool!

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Gary said...

He wasn't fired! He is just on leave so Far.