Friday, October 19, 2007

Days of Our Lives commits suicide, General Hospital, Soap Opera Digest back issues

Is Days of Our Lives trying to commit suicide? They take the most popular leading man, John Black, and put him in a coma for months. Then they bring him out of it and promise lots of romance with his leading lady, Marlena Evans. Next thing you know, he's killed off. Not to mention the same actor, Drake Hogestyn, has played the character for over 20 years. Talk about trying to drive fans away. If this does not lead to the demise of Days of Our Lives, I will be surprised. This move TIIC have made is completely insane. The only hope fans have to hang on to is that this is Days of Our Lives and people have been known to not stay dead. Let's just hope that is the case with John Black.

A major player on General Hospital is also supposed to be killed off. Didn't TIIC learn anything from killing Alan?
I have just lost all respect for Patrick.
I am looking forward to Anthony Zaccara though. Go Bruce Weitz!

BTW, I have been adding more Soap Opera Digest back issues to my website. Back issues are $5.00 plus shipping and handling, which runs around $2 to $3.

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