Saturday, July 14, 2007

Days of Our Lives, GH:Night Shift, Barrett

Just want to give a BIG THANK YOU to SoapNet for putting Days of Our Lives back on at 7pm weekdays.
BTW, Days is getting really good. Wow! I couldn't believe it. I caught it on Thursday and it reminded me of the old days. Love having Anna and the Dimeras back. Not to mention Bo and Hope, John, Marlena, Kayla, Steve. There's the big twist with Tony too. I was shocked when I read about it in SoapOperaDigest. I won't give away the details. I'm not so sure I buy it, but it does explain alot.

Am looking forward to finally catching GH:Night Shift tomorrow. It looks like we may be teased with the possible return of Brenda. Apparently there is a character with the last name of Barrett who's been in an accident and is all bandaged. The character is very interested in the people of Port Charles. It's not clear if the character is Brenda, but it's certainly looking that way. Let's hope so. Now's a good time to rekindle Brenda and Sonny. Sorry, was never a Brenda and Jax fan. If it is Brenda, let's hope it's not a recast Brenda. There is no other Brenda except Vanessa Marcil. If it's a recast, then it's not even worth bringing Brenda back.

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