Thursday, June 28, 2007

SoapNet, General Hospital

Ok. I have a complaint with SoapNet. Why in the world did they move Days Of Our Lives from 7pm to 12am? Just when Days is starting to get good too. I know why. To try to get people to watch The O.C. and One Tree Hill. Sorry, it's not working. I don't watch SoapNet for cancelled, teeny bopper shows. If SoapNet is going to air cancelled shows, how about Another World, Santa Barbara, Loving/The City, Search for Tomorrow, Ryan's Hope? Those are the shows SoapNet should be airing. That is what SoapNet should be about. Soaps, real soaps.
I'm getting sick of Beverly Hills 90210 too. How about bringing back Sisters?
Oh, and I'm glad Jason finally got a haircut. Makes him look a little younger and is a bit reminiscent of Jason Quartermaine. Speaking of haircuts, I like Patrick better with longer hair.

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