Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Randolph Mantooth, Billy Warlock

So Randolph Mantooth is coming to Lanview as Tate's father. Look forward to seeing Randolph back on soaps. Big fan of his ever since Loving.
Also good to see Billy Warlock back on a soap. So far it's just a temp role on The Young and the Restless working for Jack. It's always good to see Billy, no matter how long he'll be sticking around.
What would be nice is if TIIC over at General Hospital would undo AJ's death and bring Billy back. Having 2 of his good friends, Kin Shriner and John Ingle, back on the show, might be enough to persuade him to come back. AJ would have to be given a good story though otherwise there's no point in bringing him back.

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