Thursday, April 5, 2007

Roscoe Born on Passions, One Life To Live, Kamar de los Reyes, The Wonder Years

Roscoe Born, ex villain Mitch of One Life To Live, has joined Passions for a short spin as Head Warden. Wish he would come back to OLTL. The whole Miles story is too strange. All of a sudden Mitch has a disfigured brother who suddenly turns into a hottie and of all coincidences he was friends with Spencer. That is just way to weird of a story. Why is he Mitch's brother? Mitch is dead, so why resurrect the character's name? Maybe so fans would accept Miles more easily since he's related to a familiar character and already has family (Jessica) on the canvas.
Speaking of OLTL Kamar de los Reyes, Antonio, is on leave due to an undisclosed injury. His website has the announcement. He will be recast for an episode on May 16 by Robert Montano.
Did you know the Wonder Years is now on the ION channel weeknights from 10pm to 11pm? I'm a huge Wonder Years fan, grew up watching it. I have Directv & I've always wished it would be on. Well, it finally is. Between the Wonder Years and Growing Pains, I'm getting some serious flashbacks.:)
Wow, I forgot about the Joe Cocker intro song. They just don't make songs or shows like them anymore.


DawnofAquarius said...

Oh, I long for some Roscoe Born on any soap--long term and not so black, maybe shades of gray? He's a wonderful romantic actor. If you're old enough to recall Robert Barr on Santa Barbara. . .he almost stole Eden from Cruz and. . .made us like it!

Ice Princess said...

Yes, I agree. Roscoe is a wonderful romantic actor. I do remember Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, I never watched it since it was on at the same time as General Hospital.