Sunday, April 29, 2007

Luke and Laura: Genie Francis and Tony Geary SOAPnet special

Wow! How great was SOAPnet's latest Luke and Laura special with Genie Francis and Tony Geary? Excellent, very moving. Tony & Genie both looked great. Reliving the department store dance to the song Fascination was great. The golden moments flashbacks were great. Many of the flashbacks were the same ones usually shown, Luke & Laura's wedding, Scotty catching the bouquet, Luke & Laura at Beecher's Corners, Luke first seeing Laura at the mayor's mansion after being presumed dead, Luke & Laura jumping out of the plane when they returned in '93, etc.
This special also had some different flashbacks: Laura and Milton Berle, how great was it seeing Richard Simmons lol, the left handed boy storyline - I didn't remember this one, must have been too young. There were also some great clips from the 90's: Genie was amazing in the scene where Luke told her Lucky was killed in the fire. How young did Jason look in the scene Laura slapped Luke saying it was his fault for introducing Lucky to people such as Sonny & Jason? My only disappointment with the flashbacks was that there were no flashbacks with the real Lucky, Jonathan Jackson.
The Luke and Laura special also had lots of great trivia. Did you know Genie's father was the minister at Luke & Laura's wedding? It was 90 degrees when the wedding was filmed in California. There were 70 guests, which is huge for a soap wedding. There were only around 30 at the second wedding. Luke & Laura were the first soap couple to appear on the cover of Newsweek.
Tony would receive 9 bags of fan mail per week. One time a strange odor started coming out of his dressing room and just kept getting worse. Turns out there was a package in the stack of fan mail in his dressing room which had been sent around Christmas time. It contained a nicely packaged cooked goose. It was April when the package was finally discovered. Yuck!
Anyways, if the Luke & Laura special is on again in repeats, be sure to catch it.
Genie's website: TheCherishedHome

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