Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kim Zimmer, General Hospital

The latest issue of SoapOperaDigest has a nice interview with Kim Zimmer of Guiding Light. She's a really great actress, although I've never seen a full episode of Guiding Light , since I don't get the channel. Hopefully SoapNet will pick it up someday. Anyways, the article mentioned a beauty regimen she used to do. Really strange and it's kind of sick.
She used to wipe urine on her face before applying moisturizers. Apparently she has a German friend with beautiful skin who does it, so Kim tried it and her skin got really great. She did it religiously for 6 weeks. She said it didn't smell or anything. Weird, but hey whatever works.

SoapOperaDigest's Carolyn Hinsey also agreed that some mention should have been made of Robert and Anna after Robin's almost fatal shooting and that Lucy should have showed up for Alan's funeral. They were married. She did wear that infamous red dress when she married him and she did show up for Lila's funeral.
BTW, I love Carolyn Hinsey's column. She tells it the way it is, and I usually agree with her.

Did you notice J.T.had longer hair and a scruffier face at the beginning of Friday's Y&R show than he did at the end?

Government Records Registry.

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