Sunday, March 25, 2007


Wow, I just discovered there are tons of soap stars with MySpace pages, who you can then add to be your friend. That's really cool. You can post comments, send them messages and keep updated on what they are doing. So far I've added Rick Springfield as a friend. I just love him. Jessie's Girl is one of my all time favorite songs. Rick Springfield is pushing 50 and he is still so hot! It's amazing. From Rick's friend list, I've sent friend requests to Kimberly McCullough and Anna Devane. I also sent one to Brandon Beemer.
MySpace also has lots of soap opera groups to which you can belong. They have chat boards where you can connect with other daytime soap opera fans.
MySpace gets a bad rap for being a place for scammers, but they are really trying to get rid of the shady characters. They've already won a lawsuit and have another one planned. I really hope they can clean it up. Tons and tons of people have MySpace pages. Even businesses. It's really incredible. MySpace really has the potential to be the ultimate social networking site. Imagine if everybody in the world had their own MySpace page. You'd never lose touch with anyone and would even be able to communicate with people who are untouchable, such as celebrities. MySpace could be a place where everybody in the world comes together. That would be really cool.


Anonymous said...

Actually Rick is 57.

Ice Princess said...

Thank you for the clarification.