Sunday, March 11, 2007

General Hospital, Vanessa Marcil, Soap Opera Digest

Check out this week's SoapOperaDigest for an interview with Vanessa Marcil, Brenda on General Hospital. I was a bit surprised to see an interview with her, as she hasn't been in daytime for 4 years.
I am a huge Brenda fan. Brenda and Sonny are no match for Carly and Sonny. Brenda and Jagger, played by Antonio Sabato Jr., were the hot couple in Vanessa's early days on the show. General Hospital struck gold when they paired Brenda with Sonny though. Hot hot hot! No matter what, they could just never resist each other.
Anyways, in the interview Vanessa says she want to come back, loves playing Brenda. Brenda is very dear to her. At the moment Vanessa is busy playing Sam on Las Vegas. She also has her son Kassius to think about. Las Vegas accomodates her by letting her work 3 18 hour days with 4 days off. Full time at General Hospital involves long hours where she's unable to check on her son for hours at a time. I can see her point. However, I wouldn't be suprised if she did work out a deal to come back at some point. Maybe part time rather than full time would work for her. Adding Brenda to the Jax/Sonny/Carly triangle would sure shake things up.
There's also the new Cooper Barrett character. Don't give a new character the last name of Barrett and not have him be related to Port Charle's most popular Barrett. Brenda hasn't been out of town that long for her last name to be forgotten.
TIIC need to time it right to bring Brenda back if Vanessa is to play her though. I'm guessing next season will be Las Vegas's last. Why? James Caan is leaving. One of the leading female characters is also leaving. That pretty much leaves Josh Duhamel to carry the show. Granted he has made a big name for himself working on this show, but James Caan was this show's big name. He's a major part of the show and without him I don't forsee the show lasting much longer. They've already jumped the shark by blowing up the hotel, so it's only a matter of time before the show ends, Vanessa is out of a job and free to return to Port Charles to reunite with Sonny. lol. Wishful thinking anyways.

Bring Back A Lost Love

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