Wednesday, March 28, 2007

General Hospital, One Life to Live, Phil Carey quits

So, Mr. Craig doesn't have his posse with him. Then why are Nic & Robin so afraid of him? They are free to come and go, just slip a note to someone telling them what's go on and have the marvelous PCPD slip in and grab him. I don't get it.
Lulu and her suitors provides some good comic relief, but what I would really like to see is a similar story with say, Bobbie. She stills looks good, so lets get Noah of course, Scotty, let's get him over his Laura obsession, and hmmm, Mike maybe. Let's just bring Jake back.
A little advice to Natalie and John: just cut your losses and move on.
I would like the Cole/Starr/Marty/Todd storyline much better if Susan Haskell was playing Marty and Roger Howarth was back as Todd. Since the whole Walker/new face story, I'm just not much of a Todd fan. I know, Susan Haskell was pregnant and couldn't come back. I think TIIC should have waited until Susan could come back. With characters who have such a rich history together, they should have just waited until the storyline could have been done right.
Oh man. Speaking of One Life To Live, I just read Phil Carey is not re-signing when his contract expires in April. Apparently he didn't want to appear on a recurring basis. Unbelievable. How could TIIC just let him leave. He came back after battling lung cancer, for goodness sake. Gosh, another vet gone. What are TIIC doing? Asa is the heart of the Buchanan's. Phil has played Asa off and on since 1979. After all he's been through, Phil Carey needs to be catered to, give the man whatever he wants. Get down on your knees and beg him to stay. Now!
Thank you to the reader who clarified Rick Springfield's age. I said he was pushing 50. However, he is really pushing 60! Wow! How amazing is that!

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