Thursday, March 8, 2007

General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Judi Evans back as Adrienne

I hate it that they killed Alan on General Hospital, but the reading of his will was pretty funny. Tracey made it so obvious she was the one who tampered with Alan's will. Yet, she completely denied it. Gotta love her. Oh wait 'til Alan starts haunting her. Should be good for some laughs.

Check out SoapNet, this Saturday March 10, for a special with Rosie O'Donnell and Susan Lucci. I'm not a big Rosie fan, but if I'm around, I will tune in.

Latest Days of Our Lives news has Judi Evans back as Adrienne after being canned as Bonnie. I'm glad for Judi. Steve needs his sister too. Maybe she can straighten him out. Maybe Wally will come back as Justin if GH, starts neglecting Ned again.
BTW, it was good to see Ned back. The eulogy he gave at Alan's funeral was touching. Loved the flashbacks of Alan. My complaint: not enough flashbacks. The guy was on the show for 30 years and all TIIC can give him is 5 minutes at the end. C'mon. When a vet is killed off, the whole show should be devoted to flashbacks. The whole week would be even better. Vets have paid their dues, take them off the backburner for their last few moments & give them the respect they deserve.

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