Friday, March 2, 2007

General Hospital, Alan Quartermaine, Growing Pains

General Hospital

How weird was it seeing Jamal talking to Sonny? Oh I mean Stan. lol. I hope they give him & his mom a good story. I really like Epiphany.
Ok. Where are Robert & Anna? The least they could do is come see Robin after she almost died.
Hmmm. Cooper Barrett. Any relation to Brenda? Too big of a coincidence to not be.
There's a nice little article with Stuart in this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest. It sounds like the fan reaction to TIIC decision to kill off Alan had a lot to do with bringing him back as a ghost. Apparently he was fired just before Christmas. Isn't that nice. Then in February Jill came up to him, knelt down & told him he was going to be a ghost for a while. It won't be the same as having Alan alive, but I guess it's better than nothing now that the damage has been done. I'm glad for Stuart because he gets to stick around. It was really heartbreaking for him to be let go. Alan's death has given the Q's some nice moments though. It's good to see Monica, and Ned is back. Hopefully he'll stick around a while. I think Alexis needs him. Ric. He is just unbelievable. Somebody needs to bring him down. Where is Mr. Craig? Get him to torture Ric.

I just discovered Growing Pains is on NickAtNite. Kirk Cameron back in the day. Wow, brings back lots of memories.:)

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