Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One Life to Live, Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations, All My Children

So David Vickers is coming back to Lanview! Yaaay! His comic relief is very missed. I'm just not really into One Life to Live at the moment. I did catch Vicki & Dorian fighting over Clint the other day though. Go Clint! I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of recasting Clint, as Clint Ritchie had played him for so long. However, Jerry ver Dorn is a very good recast. I really enjoy him.:)

TV Guide's Daniel Coleridge has posted the pre-noms for the Daytime Emmy's. Couple of things worth mentioning. First, no Maurice Benard, instead at General Hospital Steve Burton & Tony Geary are nominated for lead actor. Genie Francis for supporting actress. Great performance but strange she was nomintated since she was only back for a month or so. Jeffrey Carlson, strange nomination. New character in controversial role. Not my top pick.

And it turns out Babe is alive on All My Children! Yaaay! I was hoping she was as I having read anything about Alexa Havins being let go. Now, if they could only bring back Dixie.
JR's new hairdo makes him look a lot like Tad.

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